AnTaisce - Environmental Education Unit

 AnTaisce - Environmental Education Unit

Organisation Name: AnTaisce - Environmental Education Unit

Description of Work in DE

All programmes delivered by An Taisce- EEU deal directly with education for sustainable development which is intrinsically linked to development education particularly in the area of climate justice and global justice issues (such as water shortages, transport use, waste, energy and consumption habits) Citizenship education is at the heart of all our programmes, educating schools, community groups and businesses on their rights and responsibilities. All these programmes deliver behavioural and attitudinal change and empower people to take action, creating real change. An Taisce aims to create awareness, knowledge, participation, commitment, skills, actions and foster creativity through its programmes, which are voluntary, positive and constructive. The Education and action programmes run by the EEU play a significant role in delivering the aims and objectives of the organisation and central to this is the Green-Schools programme. The Global Citizenship theme, incorporated in the Green-Schools programme in the past five years, builds on previous efforts to embed development education principles into the overall strategy of the programme. The structure, aims and objectives of the Green-Schools programme provides a suitable and effective model for delivering development education in conjunction with environmental and sustainable development principles.


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