Friends of the Earth

 Friends of the Earth

Organisation Name: Friends of the Earth

Main Audiences

  • Adult Education
  • Youth Sector
  • National Policymakers
  • NGOs
  • Public Awareness

Description of Work in DE

We work in development education (DE) to further the awareness, engagement and capacity of adults of all ages and young people (aged 18-35) to take action on issues of climate change and climate justice. Our DE work is deeply rooted in the Sustainable Development Goal number 13, Climate Action. However, the DE work we do increases the capacity of all those we engage with to take action, and is reflected as they work to take action on a number of the SDGs. We believe that DE leads to action, and we employ the methodology based on the experiences of popular education on development issues carried out by other Friends of the Earth groups all over the world. Moreover, the methodology we use is rooted in the experiences of the School of Sustainability project conducted over the past 7 years by Friends of the Earth groups in Latin America, and sub-Saharan Africa. We have evidence showing that our DE work ‘deepens citizens’ understanding of issues relating to global justice and development. Our theory of change surmises that in order for people to take action, they must first have their awareness-raised, before engaging deeply with the issue at hand and taking action. It is for that reason that we place emphasis on the importance of awareness-raising events in order to raise the profile of our organisation, maintain its reputation as a valid and reputable source for information on environmental and climate issues, and as a hub for taking action and creating links with others who are taking action on issues of global justice. With our partners in the Global South, we have access to a wealth of knowledge of environmental justice the world over, and access to key contacts. The people we work with are encouraged to critically reflect on how our everyday lives are linked by cause and consequence to many global systems and how our own domestic policies can influence the lives of millions around the world. We are primarily working within Dublin as that is where we find the most people in Ireland. Our existing connections with local groups and partners are focused in Dublin.

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