Bridge 47: Call for Tender to Develop Training Course


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Bridge 47: Call for Tender to Develop Training Course

The Bridge 47 Project, which includes IDEA as a partner, is recruiting a consultant or organisation to develop a template one-day Global Citizenship Education training course for election candidates on ‘Political Leadership for Sustainable Development’. This will be delivered in partnership with a non-partisan organisation that trains women in Ireland to run for election.

The training course aims to inspire, support and equip women, not only as stronger election candidates who are ready to participate in the delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) when elected, but also as leaders for sustainable development who can lead Ireland to fulfil a leadership role in implementing the SDGs at home and abroad. Once developed, this template course will be adopted and delivered by IDEA members.

The deadline for application is 5.00pm, Wednesday, 20 March.

You can download the full job description here. 

 Bridge 47 is co-funded by the European Union