DDCI: The New Global Debt Crisis


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DDCI: The New Global Debt Crisis

​A new global debt crisis is on the horizon. Sparked by a crash in commodity prices, this crisis has already hit countries depend​ent on commodities, including Mozambique, and is seen as a warning sign of a bigger debt crisis looming.

Debt and Development Coalition Ireland (DDCI) are holding a talk with Tim Jones of Jubilee Debt Campaign and Humberto Zaqueu of Mozambique Debt Group (by Skype) to learn how this debt crisis is playing out, its impact on communities in Mozambique as well as the campaign​ for debt cancellation and​ to hold those who lent recklessly to account. This will take place Wednesday 31 January, 6.30pm, The Central Hotel, Exchequer St., Dublin 2.

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