Development Perspectives Insight 2016 Programme


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Development Perspectives Insight 2016 Programme

Development Perspectives are currently recruiting people to take part in their Insight 2016 programme - an educational programme for adults who want to learn more about the world around them and who want to make the world a fairer, more just, sustainable place.

It consists of three phases: The pre-departure phase consists of team building exercises, an introduction to development, debates, discussions and talks from a variety of speakers involved in the development field. The second phase takes place overseas with a partner organisation, which gives participants the chance to examine development in the context of another country. During the overseas phase participants work within a local community on a project chosen by the local people. Local development activists are invited to facilitate workshops that provide a better idea of the reality on the ground for people living in that community. Experiential and active learning forms an important part of Development Perspectives work highlighting the value of learning through theory and practice. During the final phase participants are encouraged to utilise their learning to become active global citizens within their own community. Participants from the partner organisation are given the opportunity of a reciprocal visit to Ireland to contribute to this phase.

Deadline for applications is 12 February!

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