Finding Frames - Engaging the Irish public


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Finding Frames - Engaging the Irish public

9th April, 9:30am Dublin (Camden Court Hotel, Camden Street, Dublin 2). 

Research Launch

The Dóchas Development Education Group (DEG) are launching a piece of recently commissioned research that focused on analysing NGO communication materials from the perspective of Frames and Values. Dóchas commissioned Dr Caroline Murphy to analyse some of their members’ public messaging.  The research examined how Irish development NGOs frame global poverty and international development, and which frames and values are dominating contemporary communications.  

You can find the Agenda for the day and a summary of the research below.

To register to attend this event please email 

At the same event there will be a short consultation on the draft Guidelines for Producing Development Education Resources which is currently being produced by 80:20 in collaboration with IDEA and Dóchas. If producing resources is part of your work then make sure you participate in this consultation! Read more...

Email Eimear McNally for more information:

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