Finding Partners for Collaborative Fundraising


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Many funders are welcoming joint applications from organisations. But how do we find partners?

To enable partner finding, IDEA would like to collect information from interested members. This information will be shared with every member who indicates an interest in partnerships (for both Irish AId and EC funding calls).

Hopefully, this will enable members with similar interests to connect and start work on a joint application. Deadline for responses is Thurs 12th Dec at 5pm. Information will be shared by the following Monday. All you have to do is respond to the following short questions. Please include weblinks and feel free to attach any additional information. We will collate and share.


1. Name of Organisation:

2. Name of Contact Person:

3. Contact Details:

4. Website:

5. We wish to focus on the following themes and/or target audiences:

6. Are you looking for partners for for Irish Aid, EC funding or both?

7. What you are looking for in a partner (max 200 words):

8. Additional important info:

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