IDEA AGM and Conference Over


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IDEA AGM and Conference Over


IDEA held its 2014 Annual General Meeting on the 12th June at Wynn's Hotel in Dublin; the same venue (indeed the same room) where IDEA's first meeting as an Association was held in 2004. After the AGM a ten-year celebration took place.

Forner IDEA Directors and Chairpersons and key IDEA supproters from it's lifetime contributed their reflections.

Minutes. including decisions made at the AGM, were sent to all members in the next 2 weeks.

Annual Conference

IDEA's Annual Conference took place on June 13th at Wynn's Hotel. Amitabh Behar, co-chair of GCAP delivered the keynote address. Watch a summary video of Amitabh's keynote address here

IDEA's Young Global Advocates presented the Challenging the Crisis Project. Conversations were held in the afternoon in response to the overall question: "What should we be learning NOW to create the Future We Want?"

On online campaign also collected responses to this question- you can read them and watch the videos on our specially-created platform here: