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Tuesday 1- Wednesday 3:            

Tuesday 8:

  • IDEA Member Knowledge Share: 'The Youth 2030 Strategic Partnership', led by Leo Gilmartin, National Youth Council of Ireland, 10.00-10.30am, via Zoom  

Tuesday 8:                 

 Wednesday 10:

  • Formal Education Working Group, 2pm - 3.30pm, via Zoom 

Tuesday 15: 

  • IDEA Member Knowledge Share: 'From enthusiastic practitioner to curious researcher: Reflections on an in-depth study into GCE classroom practices', led by Maria Barry, Assistant Professor I School of STEM Education, Innovation & Global Studies, DCU, 10.00-10.30am, via Zoom 

Tuesday 22:

  • IDEA Member Knowledge Share: 'Anti-racism in DE', facilitated by Proudly Made in Africa, 10.00-10.30am, via Zoom 

Tuesday 29 

  • IDEA Member Knowledge Share: 'Introduction to Saolta - a DE strategic partnership programme for the Adult and Community Education sector in Ireland', facilitated by Development Perspectives, 10.00-10.30am, via Zoom  



Tuesday 6 - Friday 9:            

Tuesday 13: 

  • IDEA Member Knowledge Share: Learning about the Code of Good Practice for DE session 1 led by IDEA staff,10.00-10.30am, via Zoom 

Wednesday 14:

Friday 16:

Monday 19:

  • Bridge 47 SDG Workshop for Deloitte Ireland, 3-5pm, via Zoom

Tuesday 20:

  • IDEA Member Knowledge Share: Learning about the Code of Good Practice for DE session 2,  led by IDEA staff,10.00-10.30am, via Zoom 

Friday 23:             



Tuesday 3:               

  • IDEA Member Knowledge Share: 'Research snapshot: the role of NGOs in global citizenship teacher education', led by Ben Mallon, Assistant Professor in Geography and Citizenship Education, School of STEM Education, Innovation & Global Studies, DCU, 10.00-10.30am, via Zoom 
  • Irish Aid DE Annual Grants 2021 Application Clinic, with IDEA staff, 11am – 1pm, via Zoom. This will include a brief introduction to Results Frameworks with Susan Gallwey, for anyone new to the process.   

Tuesday 10:

  • IDEA Member Knowledge Share: 'The knowledge dimensions of NGO campaigning & implications for DE/GCE in the network society ', led by Son Gyoh, 10.00-10.30am, via Zoom. 
  • ***CHANGE OF DATE*** Training workshop on 'Results Frameworks for Development Education', with Susan Gallwey, 2-4pm, via Zoom

Tuesday 17:

  • IDEA Member Knowledge Share: led by ECO UNESCO (Elaine Nevin & Kieran Allen) on “The Youth for Sustainable Development Programme”: An introduction to ECO-UNESCO's YSD sustainable development programme: content, resource, impact, 10.00-10.30am, via Zoom. 

Tuesday 24:

  • IDEA Member Knowledge Share: 'Let’s Talk SDGs: Supporting Critical Perspectives on the Sustainable Development Goals', led by Caroline Murphy, Centre for Global Education, 10.00-10.30am, via Zoom.



Date TBC:  

  • Mid-term review of Irish Aid Development Education Strategy 2017-2023

1 December:

W/c 14 Dec:  

  • Code of Good Practice members network meeting #2 - open to members who have signed up to join the Code only