IDEA: General Election Candidate Engagement


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The general election on Saturday, 8th February is an important opportunity to get key priorities for Development Education onto the political agenda. To support this, we have developed a short guide outlining specific ‘asks’ you can make of the candidates you meet. These include: 

  • Development Education should be a strategic priority in the next government’s policy agenda and in Irish Aid’s management and strategic approaches, with clear actions associated with this prioritisation.   
  • Funding increases for Development Education to at least 3% of Official Development Assistance (ODA) by 2025, in line with the European benchmark for Development Education funding. 
  • For a coherent, integrated government approach to Development Education that reaches across relevant departments, including the Department of Education and Skills & the Department of Communications, Climate Action & Environment.
  • For a long-term commitment through multiannual funding approaches and strategic partnerships, as well as the current annual Irish Aid grant system for newer applicants, 'seed funding' and innovative approaches to Development Education to reach new audiences.   
  • Fulfil Ireland’s international commitments by increasing ODA to 0.7% of Gross National Income by 2025.
  • For a ‘whole of government’ approach to implementation of the SDGs, including a specific line in future budgets with dedicated resources for implementation of the SDGs.

Read the full guide here.