IDEA Members Survey Now Available


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The report on the 2014 Annual Members Survey is now available.  This report highlights successes and challenges for IDEA and also provides useful information about the IDEA membership. 

On the whole, IDEA members expressed high levels of satisfaction with IDEA’s work in communicating across the sector, developing the capacity of its members, and serving as a representative voice for the DE sector. In terms of communications, 98% of respondents rated IDEA’s work as ‘excellent’ (61%) or ‘good’ (37%). In terms of capacity development interventions, 87% of respondents rated IDEA’s work as either ‘very effective’ (30%) or ‘quite effective’ (57%). In IDEA’s overall effectiveness in advancing and supporting a credible, professional and cohesive DE sector throughout Ireland, 98% of respondents rated IDEA’s work as either ‘very effective’ (36%) or ‘quite effective’ (62%).

IDEA has a diverse membership with different needs, and some members felt that although we cope well with this, we don't always get the balance right. In future years, IDEA will concentrate on ensuring we meet the needs of specific sub-groups without compromising the overall shape and balance of the IDEA programme. Respondents also said that, although IDEA's communications is strong, we could do more to reach out beyond the DE sector. 

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