Job: Fundraising and Membership Officer with LASC


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Job: Fundraising and Membership Officer with LASC

The Latin America Solidarity Centre is looking for a Fundraising and Membership Officer. Applicants should have an interest in Latin American solidarity issues and some experience of fundraising and managing members. Experience in Health and Safety and advantage. This is a Community Employment opportunity.To be eligible for Community Employment you must be over 25 years of age and be in receipt of a social welfare payment for at least 52 weeks.

Duties to include:

- Identifying and creating fundraising opportunities for LASC

- Coordinating fundraising opportunities

- Membership development: Increase LASC membership; communication and consultation with members; implementation of membership strategy

- Health and Safety support (to be agreed)

Application deadline: 29th of May


To apply and/or for more details, please contact:

Sharon Fitzpatrick,

City Centre Voluntary Groups Ltd.,

Office 16,

29/30 Dame St.,

Dublin 2

Telephone: 01 6772300 / 6772301 / 6772308

Fax: 01 6772312