Job Opportunity: National Officer


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The Irish Development Education Association is currently recruiting a National Officer to deliver & coordinate national activities in Ireland for Bridge 47: Building Global Citizenship, with a particular focus on building partnerships between those working in Development Education / Global Citzenship Education and key external stakeholders. 

Bridge 47: Building Global Citizenship is a three-year European Commission-funded project, running 2018-2020. The overall objective of the project is to mobilise global civil society to contribute effectively to global justice and eradication of poverty through global citizenship. 

IDEA is leading on the Partnership strand of the project and our work will focus on three types of partnerships that can extend awareness and understanding of Development Education practice and impact, while demonstrating the role of partnerships in delivering the SDGs. These are:

  • Exploratory partnerships: bringing together civil society with actors with actors who have not previously engaged in Global Citizenship Education
  • Advocacy partnerships: bringing together civil society with policy makers and state institutions
  • Knowledge exchange partnerships: bringing together research organisations with civil society organisations.

Deadline for application is 1.00pm, Monday, 09 April.

Full job description is available here