#learnNOW - The Campaign


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#learnNOW - The Campaign

What do YOU think?

Ahead of the conference, IDEA wishes to engage the Irish public in conversation around the question of education for a more just and sustainable world. We are asking you:

What should we, in Ireland, learn NOW to create the future we want?
Education plays a key role in facilitating widespread change. What should we be learning NOW to ensure our planet remains healthy and safe, to create the best possible societies for our children, and to give the human race a chance of not just surviving but thriving for generations to come.

  • What should our education system be focused on now?
  • What should our schools be teaching?
  • What new subjects should be available?
  • What should future teachers be learning to be able to meet the needs of children born today?
  • What can universities do now to equip their students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to survive and thrive?
  • How should we educate future political, business, spiritual leaders?

The objective of this campaign is stimulate widespread public debate about the role of education in creating a more just and sustainable world. We want to hear what people think we should be learning NOW to create a better future for everyone. We want the conversation to surface varying perspectives; conservative to radical, right to left, specific to broad. The conversation will be open, shared and accessible for everyone. We will collect your opinions and responses and display them at our conference and create a report that shares them all.

Anyone who engages in the campaign will be invited to come to the conference for face-to-face conversation and an opportunity to engage with others who care about learning now to create the future we want.

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