LYCS: FoodWise Workshop


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LYCS: FoodWise Workshop

Lourdes Youth and Community Services are hosting FoodWise: Educating Communities for Healthier People & Planet, 10.00am – 5.00pm, Monday 20 November.

This is a one-day training course for people working in the community who are interested in promoting healthier ways of eating for both people and planet. 

The training is divided into two sections. The first is classroom based and looks at accessible methodologies to explore topics such as where our food comes from, what is organic food and why is there so much sugar and additives in our food? IT discusses lots of ways to improve the ways we eat, inspired by examples from around the world. The second session takes place in a professional kitchen and it also covers how to bring the learning into the kitchen, with a range of recipes and cooking tips to teach to community members.

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