LYCS FETAC Level 6 Course in Global Development


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LYCS FETAC Level 6 Course in Global Development

The course will involve exploring and questioning what development is, how to evaluate development, and what are some of the root causes of the many development challenges facing the world today. It invites you to consider how issues such as runaway inequality, poverty, climate change, hunger and conflict can be addressed and a more equal and sustainable world can be achieved? If you are interested in human rights, community, sustainability, social justice, culture, inequality, neo-liberalism, colonialism and other topics relating to human development here and around the globe, then this course will be of interest to you.

It aims to equip people with the ability to think about global development issues in a critical way. It is particularly targeted at people involved in community organizations and groups and will enable them to bring a global development perspective to their work and lives.

The accredited course will consist of 6 full days of study (approx. 10am-4.30pm on weekdays) plus assignments. The training dates are:

Day 1

Tuesday 15 March 2016

Day 2

Wednesday 16 March

Day 3

Tuesday 12 April

Day 4

Tuesday 26 April

Day 5

Tuesday 10 May

Day 6

Tuesday 17 May

Location: Dublin City Centre, venue TBC

Cost: There is a charge of €50.  There are bursaries available if the cost is an issue

Please contact: Helena or Rachel at or asap for an application form

Find out more about training dates and other details here.