LYCS: Global Active Citizenship through Music


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LYCS: Global Active Citizenship through Music

Lourdes Youth and Community Services are running a workshop exploring and making music inspired by cultures from around the world, Thursday, 22 February, 10.00am-4.30pm, in the Carmelite Community Centre. The aim is to explore how music can help to promote the values, understanding and actions needed to encourage global active citizenship. Communal music making bonds people, opens hearts and allows us to reach a place of peace and connection where another world can be imagined. Music is being used all over the world to build community, to heal and to protest and when we explore this world it can engage our hearts and minds in inspiring and informing our own efforts towards change.

This workshop is a training for trainers, designed to give educators, activists and those working with groups some new tools and perspectives for encouraging global active citizenship. You don’t need to be a musician or singer, the workshop is designed for working with non-musicians.

It will be facilitated by Rachel Dempsey, who has a Masters in Ethnomusicology and 20 years’ experience of running singing and music workshops through Global Harmonies.

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