LYCS: Globalisation & Inequality Training


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LYCS: Globalisation & Inequality Training

Lourdes Youth and Community Services is running a one-day Development Education workshop Tuesday 27 March 2018, Dublin City Centre Venue. This will explore rising inequality in Ireland and around the world, its causes and consequences, and what can be done about it.  As Europe and the US are witnessing a rise in xenophobia and nationalism and a backlash against globalisation, many are asking what the relationship is between globalisation and inequality. People are also questioning how this contributes to the discontent giving rise to this political shift we are seeing. 

This workshop is aimed at community activists, workers and educators. You will have an opportunity to participate in activities and exercises that will help you explore the issue of growing inequality in the context of globalisation with others.     

To apply contact Helena at or 01 2345839 for an application form.