LYCS Zero Waste Educator Training


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LYCS Zero Waste Educator Training

Lourdes Youth and Community Services (LYCS) is running a Zero Waste Educator Training in Dublin city centre, 10.00am-4.30pm, Tues 20th & Wed 21st March. This is a two day training, but participants can opt to do both or either one of the two days as required.

The first day aims to up-skill participants so they can create and deliver informative and interactive workshops on how and why to reduce waste. It will give participants lots of ideas on how to run a dynamic & interactive event. Suitable for those who have not done the one-day Zero Waste Educator Training with LYCS already.

The second day will be a deeper exploration of how our way of living is threatening the survival of life on the planet. It will look at issues such as our human development needs, consumerism and the economic system and also explore what impact this crisis is having on  us as individuals, as group leaders/activists and on society as a whole. It will explore tools to help ourselves and others move beyond apathy, to recognize our feelings and learn self-care techniques to cope with them and ultimately help channel grief into hope and action to create a life sustaining world. Plenty of ideas for approaches to use when talking about these issues to others are included. Suitable for anyone who has already done the Zero Waste Educator training and wants to go deeper into the learning.

The deadline for application is 14 March. Find out more here