Plan International Ireland: Development Education Committee


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Plan International Ireland: Development Education Committee

Plan International Ireland is looking for people who are passionate about Development Education to join their Development Education Committee on a voluntary basis. 

The role of members is to: 

  • Advise and support the Development Education Officer on matters relating to Development Education Strategy and Activities on a voluntary basis.
  • Create with staff Plan International Ireland an innovative Development Education Strategy that will guide its Development Education programme
  • Attend regular Development Education Committee meetings
  • Engage and motivate identified key groups to become Active Global Citizens
  • Facilitate workshops and represent Plan International Ireland when required
  • Inspire Plan International Ireland’s Youth Advisory Panel to become Active Global Citizens
  • Raise awareness and increase understanding of gender inequality and child rights through public actions and events

What’s required?
They are looking for committed people to work with them to increase Plan International Ireland’s Development Education capacity:

  • Support of Plan International Ireland’s Vision and Mission.
  • Interest in delivering Development Education activities, or
  • Interest in education on Global Justice or International Development Issues, or
  • Interest in gaining facilitation skills, adult education, youth or community work, or
  • Interest in awareness raising, advocacy or lobbying.
  • Commitment of one year to the Committee and attending evening monthly meetings.
  • Commitment to Development Education activities.
  • Willingness to undergo Development Education and facilitation training.

If you are interested in being a part of the Committee please contact

Deadline is 11 July 2016.