What We Do

What We Do

IDEA’s aim is to support and advance Development Education in Ireland and internationally.

The work we do involves:

  • Advocacy and Policy – Advocating for global citizenship, and the central role of Development Education in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals to national and international policymakers
  • Capacity Development - Strengthening and expanding members’ capacity to deliver good practice Development Education through workshops, seminars, events, and resources
  • Code of Good Practice for Development Education - supporting our members to strengthen and articulate their own good practice through the use of self-assessment tools and learning support from IDEA
  • Partnerships - Developing new ways of working through partnership and collaboration to strengthen the impact of Development Education
  • Communications – Building awareness of Development Education with new audiences and acting as an information hub for the sector


We organise training, seminars & meetings to build capacity in the following areas:


IDEA works to connect its membership and also to connect Development Education to wider audiences.