What We Do


IDEA advocates on behalf of the sector to ensure that Development Education’s value is recognised. We work for greater awareness, and understanding of the impact of Development Education in Ireland and internationally, in achieving sustainability, equality, and creating engaged global citizens.

Our goal is an environment that enables Development Education, support from institutions and allies in the sectors where Development Education is active, and investment in Development Education quality, innovation and learning.

IDEA advocates for global citizenship and the central role of Development Education in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. We have advocated at EU level for policies supportive of Development Education and Awareness Raising (DEAR), through our role in CONCORD’s DEEEP Programme (2004-2015), and are advocating at international level for the importance of Development Education to the success of the Sustainable Development Goals through the United Nations High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development and Coalition2030 in Ireland.



We organise training, seminars & meetings to build capacity in the following areas:


IDEA works to connect its membership and also to connect Development Education to wider audiences.