What We Do

IDEA Annual Conference 2014

What we Want to Learn NOW for the Future we Want

13 June 2014 at Wynn’s Hotel, Abbey Street , Dublin 1.

2014 marks the ten year anniversary for IDEA and a decde of learning towards a more just and sustainable world. The focus of this year's conference is What we want to learn NOW for the future we want. 

The Speaker

Keynote Speaker: Amatabh Behar, Executive Director of the National Foundation for India and Co-chair - Global Call to Action Against Poverty

Amitabh Behar is the Executive Director of the National Foundation for India (NFI), a leading Indian foundation working for promoting and nurturing social justice philanthropy in India. He is also a Co-chair of the Global Call to Action Against Poverty (GCAP). Amitabh is also currently the Convener of National Social Watch Coalition. Amitabh's areas of interest are governance and civil society. Over the years he has worked on issues promoting governance accountability and social action. View his speech here

The Conversation Café

We have six tables focused on exploring What to learn NOW for the future we want in the context of Development Education. These will be hosted by experts from across the development education community and Irish civil society.

The tables will focus on:

How to be Active Critical Citizens: with Rachel Mullins (Equality and Rights Alliance) and Annette Honan (Education Consultant)

How Development Education is part of Global Decision-Making: with Amitabh Behar (GCAP) and Frank Geary (IDEA)

DIY: How to Create Autonomous Educational Spaces: with Philip Isard (Dublin Trade School) and Meliosa Bracken (Dun Laoghaire ETB)

How to Move from Charity to Justice Frames in our Communications: with Dr Caroline Murphy (Children in Crossfire/ Independent Researcher) and Mella Cusack (IDEA Chairperson)

How to Campaign Wisely: with Dr. Matthias Fiedler (Director of Bewegungsstiftung Foundation, Germany) and Orla Quinn, Cam-paigns Officer, Trócaire.

How to Trust Young People with the Future: with IDEA’s Challenging the Crisis Young Global Advocates.


We organise training, seminars & meetings to build capacity in the following areas:


IDEA works to connect its membership and also to connect Development Education to wider audiences.