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IDEA Annual Conference 2015

Universality in Action

12 June 2015, Wood Quay Venue, Dublin City Council, Wood Quay, Dublin 8

2015 is a pivotal year for development education and global justice. As well as being European Year for Development, the Sustainable Development Goals will be launched in September. These new goals will be universal, applying to all countries in all parts of the world. To reflect this, the focus of our Annual Conference this year is Universality in Action: what universality actually means in practice and the role for development education in ensuring the Sustainable Development Goals deliver.  

The Speakers

Keynote Speaker: Joanna Maycock, Secretary General of the European Women's Lobby (EWL)

Joanna Maycock is the EWL’s Secretary General since May 2014 and has 20 years’ professional experience in senior leadership and governance positions in the European and International Development NGO sector. For 12 years, she worked in Brussels for ActionAid a global federation working for a world free from poverty and injustice. Her most recent role at ActionAid was as Director for Country Coordination, and Head of Europe, and she is also a long-time board member and former President of CONCORD, the European Confederation of Development NGOs. Joanna also has an extensive experience working for migrant women’s rights at the International Organization for Migration. View her speech here.

Moderator: Shona Murray, Journalist

Shona is a journalist and presenter of Newstalk’s World in Motion. During her career she has reported from the ground in Gaza, Northern Iraq, Guantánamo Bay, Colombia, Congo and Syria among others. Shona also reports on European Affairs for Newstalk as well as print publications such as the Irish Independent and the Sunday Business Post. She is a correspondent for Radio France International and regularly appears as a contributor to Irish current affairs TV programmes, 'Ireland AM' and 'Tonight with Vincent Brown'.

Challenging the Crisis: Young Global Advocates

Challenging the Crisis is a 3-year development education project led by IDEA with partners in 5 other countries. Now in its third year, the campaigning phase of the project, we have a network of 100 Young Global Advocates (YGAs) across Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Slovenia and Greece.

One of the Project’s aims is to build critical awareness amongst young adults, enabling them to see the unfolding European debt crises in a global, interdependent context. Through development education, the Young Global Advocates have identified a potential solution to the European debt crisis, which is widely used across the developing world – Social and Solidarity Economy.

The Young Global Advocates are campaigning to put Social and Solidarity Economy on the political and economic agenda across Europe. They are here today to ask for your support for their campaign! View their presentation here

The Conversation Café

We have five tables focused on exploring Universality in Action in the context of Development Education and the Sustainable Development Goals. These will be hosted by experts from across the development education community and Irish civil society.

Participants are invited to start at one table for an in-depth 30 minute conversation, and then visit two other tables for 10 minutes each for a mini-conversation building on what was discussed before you joined.

The tables will focus on:

Active Citizenship:  Hosted by Johnny Sheehan, Dóchas & European Year for Development,  Mbemba Jabbi , The Africa Centre, and Ivan Cooper, The Wheel & The People’s Conversation
Human Rights:  Hosted by Jim Loughran, Front Line Defenders, and Su-Ming Khoo, Dept of Political Science and Sociology, NUI Galway
Campaigning:  Hosted by John-Mark McCafferty, St Vincent de Paul, and Challenging the Crisis Young Global Advocates
Gender: Hosted by Joanna Maycock, The European Women’s Lobby, and Valerie Duffy , The National Youth Council of Ireland
Education: Hosted by Moira Leydon, ASTI & Irish Coalition for the Global Campaign for Education[e1] , and Aidan Clifford, CDETB Curriculum Development Unit.


We organise training, seminars & meetings to build capacity in the following areas:


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