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Research provides a strong basis for our work in development education and some recent studies provide interesting insights into areas such as attitudes to development, global citizenship education and engaging the public in development education.

Various research papers that have been recently published are downloadable below, by clicking on the links.

SUAS Educational Development (2012): National Survey of Third Level Students on Global Development

Audrey Bryan and Meliosa Bracken (2011) Learning to Read the World? Teaching and Learning about Global Citizenship and International Development in Post-Primary Schools. This research provides insights into the status and practice of development education in post-primary schools in Ireland as well as an interrogation of how development issues are represented in the formal curriculum.

Max Hogg. (2011) Do we need a deeper, more complex conversation with the public about global issues? London: Think Global.

D. Bourne and F. Hunt (DERC, University of London) Global Dimensions in Secondary Schools

D. Bourne and K. Brown (DERC, University of London)  Young People and International Development: Engagament and Learning

The Africa Centre: Towards an African Perspective -  Exploring Challenges and Considerations for Development Educators   Email mbemba@africacentre.ie 

Young Children’s Engagement with Issues of Global Justice

Trócaire/Centre for Human Rights and Citizenship Education, St Patrick’s College, Drumcondra Partnership (Trócaire/CHRCE,SPD, 2010)

This report documents participatory research undertaken in Early Childhood settings at Pre-school and Infant Primary level aimed at exploring how young children, aged 3 to 6 years, engage with issues of global justice.  The Report is set in the context of Aistear, the National Framework for Early Childhood Education (NCCA, 2010). Download the report 

The Global Dimension: School approaches, teaching and learning in Northern Ireland

The research was commissioned by Global Dimension in Schools (Northern Ireland) with the financial support of the Department for International Development (DfID).

The Global Dimension in Schools (Northern Ireland) is a three-year programme aiming to embed the Global Dimension in formal education.  Click here to download

Changing Perspectives: exploring portrayals of the Majority World in local print media in the West of Ireland Galway One World Centre, 2008

In January 2008, the Galway One World Centre (GOWC) and postgraduate students of the NUI Galway Philosophy department embarked on a joint project to ascertain how local print media in the West of Ireland portrays the Majority World. 

An investigation of the awareness, opinions and understanding of Kerry residents in relation to local and global issues and in relation to KADE- an exploratory study. This research carried out by Tralee IT Marketing students was presented by Mary McGillicuddy to the Southern Regional Working Group

Europeans, development aid and the Millennium development goals

A recent Eurobarometer report finds that European citizens continue to show resolute support to aid provided to developing countries. This survey shows that 89% of respondents consider development aid is important or very important.

The Development Education Digest

Published by DERC, Development Education Research Centre at the Institute of Education London. Click here for the first issue

The Digest is a collection of research and policy summaries highlighting recent research and policy initiatives in the field of development education from sources throughout the world, including:

  • Summaries of current and recently published research and policy in the field of development education / global learning.
  • Information on recent relevant publications.
  • Titles of current PhD studies.
  • Relevant online sites.

Research Commentaries

DE Watch Report-commentary

The MDGs and development education commentary

Please note the commentaries above are personal commentaries, highlighting areas of interest to me and my work. This should not be taken as the official view of IDEA or of any funding bodies. Mags Liddy, Research Community Coordinator.


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