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Mini NGOs in Schools

Mini NGOs in Schools

Less Charity – more Justice!

We wanted to move beyond ‘charitable’ actions (such as fundraising and one-way notions of “us helping them”) and instead focus on social justice with proper reflection and engagement involving exchanges with our partner groups. We also want opportunities for plenty of creativity AND to give the students and teachers control over what they want to do, rather than delivering a set or designated programme of activities.

The Research/Reflection Stage, during which each school group shall research online, reflect and debate how key global themes are reflected locally (Oct-Nov)

The Campaign Stage, during which each school group shall plan and implement their own “mini-NGO”: an NGO-type campaign run as a whole school activity and is also developed through their own blog posted on the Schools Across Borders website

3 ‘big ideas’ of the activity:

  • Mini-NGO toolkit for students to start up their very own NGO
  • Reflection (research & discussion) and Campaign stages to keep it structured
  • Dialogue & Partnership with other young people - i.e. schools and groups in other parts of the world

Five schools formed the network in Ireland:

  • Caritas Voice | 2 student groups | Caritas College, Ballyfermot, Dublin
  • Youth Action Project (YAP) | 1 student group | Mount Temple Comprehensive, Clontarf, Dublin
  • Promoting Equality for Palestinian Youth (P.E.P.Y.) | 1 student group | St. Dominic’s Secondary School, Ballyfermot, Dublin
  • Stop Threatening Our People (STOP) | 1 student group | St. Kevin’s Community College, Clondalkin, Dublin
  • Empower Girls, Cailíní Saor, Education 4 All | 3 student groups | St. Wolstan’s Community School, Celbridge, Co. Kildare

180 students took part across the five schools

All the blogs and student activities per school can be accessed from www.schoolsacrossborders.org/our-network


Project resources and outputs:

  • Resources online for the Research Stage ( global issues and actions) link: www.schoolsacrossborders.org/research-stage
  • SAB Resources online specific to Palestine & Israel: www.schoolsacrossborders.org/sab-resources
  • Blogs developed by each of the mini-NGO groups (follow the school group links above to access the blogs
  • Petitions organised by each min-NGO on the Schools Across Borders website link: www.schoolsacrossborders.org/petitions

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