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Promoting Global Justice in a Time of Uncertainty

‘Challenging the Crisis – Promoting Global Justice and Citizens’ Engagement in a Time of Uncertainty’ is a 3-year development education project taking place from 2013-16 across six EU countries...

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What is Development Education?

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Looking for a freelance educator or consultant in Development Education? Seeking a Dev Ed training near you? Explore our Development Education Database of Training (DE DoT) to find what you need...

All About IDEA

IDEA is the Irish Development Education Association. Our mission is to support and advance development education in Ireland....

What is Development Education?

Development Education is about supporting people to understand and act to transform the social, cultural, political and economic structures which affect their lives and others...

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In the "Learn" section of our website you can browse publications, find out about our Research Community and also learn about innovative capapcity building programmes that IDEA has run for members.

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What to Learn NOW: How to Make Schools more caring, inclusive places

Jun 3 2014
future we wanr

Dr Gerry Jeffers, lecturer in the education department in NUI Maynooth responds to our question: what should we be learning now to create the future we want?